Modek “Clown In My Kitchen” EP/Vid

Modek’s got a new EP and his first ever video! “Clown In My Kitchen” takes us into the life of (what appears to be) Modek attempting to be in his kitchen (studio?) and has a nuisance that is difficult to resolve while “cooking”. The 4 track EP has two other awesome tracks and an instrumental of the title track allowing “Clown In My Kitchen” to be even more versatile! Check out the video and check out the EP; It’s quarky, it’s awesome, and it’s Modek!


The Loops Of Fury – “Bodywork”

Jimi and Max are at it again with another track titled “Bodywork”. Not exactly up their avenue, but definitely showing they can go drive right on through, The Loops Of Fury have created an electro disco track! Combining their energetic sound with the funk of disco, Bodywork is a groovin hit. The vocoder work, the samples, and the riffs makes this easily one of the best disco tracks of the holiday season! The track is set to be released in December via Lotus Recordings!


Green Velvet Unshakable Album

Green Velvet‘s newest album “Unshakable” is out! Noting how long Green Velvet has been on the scene, unshakable is quite the word to use for his fandom, his momentum and his awesome techno! The 13 track LP has an all-star line up of collaborations; Riva Starr, Gary Beck, Oliver $, wAFF, Craig Williams, Harvard Bass, Saso Recyd to name some! Check out “Robots”, the collaboration with Riva Starr! The album is full of that Green Velvet techno you’ve come to love! Snag it now!


Al-P – “Bird of Fire” FREE

Well look who has risen from the grave; Al-P of MSTRKRFT! Halloween has apparently come early cuz the treats are coming in! Al-P is giving away a spooky disco track titled “Bird of Fire”! The track is a frightening inferno full of terrifying bass and ghostly vocals driven by some wild disco percussions. Sounds like it should be the theme for a zombie discotheque! You can snag this awesome track for free! Released via Teenage Riot Records!


The Bird Peterson Halloween Spooktacular

One week to Halloween and what do you need? Spooky. Ass. Jams! Bird Peterson’s mix brings about happy and fearful nostalgia. Horror classics, Disney mediums, and electronic music stirred in the cauldron to create a masterpiece. Who takes Beauty and the Beast and turns it into an ethereal song? Who takes literal chainsaws and turns it into a banger? Who takes The Haunted Mansion vox and turns it into a bad ass electro rock jam? Who makes you feel like you’re walking through the snow in The Shining? Bird “scuze-me-while-I-shake-goosebumps-off-my-spine” Peterson. It’s a free mix! Dl it, play it on all Hallows Eve and scare the spit out of those candy leaches!


RESET! – “Shake The Party (Feat. Erick Sermon)” FREE!

The Milan based mega group RESET! have released a free track titled “Shake The Party” featuring legendary rapper Erick Sermon 1/2 of EMPD (Erick & Parrish Making Dollars)! The track boasts old and new influences ranging from old hip-hop to new electro to going all the way to recent trap. Sewing it all together is The Green-Eyed Bandit laying down the rhymes in true fashion. You can snag the track for free over at RESET!’s facebook + 1 like.

Chromeo Sexy Socialite

Chromeo – Sexy Socialite

Chromeo is preparing their upcoming album, ‘White Women,’ and they’ve decided to give us another slice of the Chromeo cake by letting us preview ‘Sexy Socialite.’ The track is funky to the next level, with nonchalant, sexy vocals coupled with some good old disco-guitar and that classic Chromeo feel. In case you missed it, you can also listen to and download ‘Over your Shoulder’ from SoundCloud, which is set to be the first track on the album. ‘White Women’ does not have an official release date as of yet, but we’re willing to wait if all the tracks can pump out the same level of quality as this beauty.


Vjuan Allure – Bandit EP

Vjuan Allure‘s new EP “Bandit” is nearing it’s release and we’re gettin pumped. Full of raw and organic sounds (it doesn’t get much more raw and organic than your track going “ooga chaka! ooga chaka!”) the EP boasts multi-genre fire tied by acoustic percussions; reminds us a little of the Kudoro dance movement. Distal runs a bouncy club friendly version of “Bandit” with “yes” n “ughs” from “Bring in the Katz” (we like that track). The EP is solid and def a grab. It releases this monday (Oct 21) on Hot Moma USA!